Cinnamon Roll Bread {fail}

July 3, 2014 in Kitchen by Melanie

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Once upon a time I was going to be the coolest mom ever with a special treat ready for the kids when they got home from school. Naturally I turned to Pinterest and found a fabulous picture of a recipe that sounded amazing.

Cinnamon Roll Bread… is that a thing? I love cinnamon rolls. I love bread. I happened to have all of the ingredients. Bingo!

I whipped it together, and in no time it was in the oven. Suddenly my house smelled like heaven.

I mean, I’ve never actually been there, but I’m pretty sure heaven will smell something like Cinnamon Roll Bread. Oh. my.

I pulled it out of the oven, made the glaze, (cinnamon rolls need to be glazed, of course, even in bread form) and found a serving tray for it. It’s supposed to be a special treat, after all, so it needs a special presentation.

The girls got home from school and did that thing where you sniff really hard, trying to figure out what that ah.may.zing. smell is. Their faces lit up when they saw the special treat on the table. We sat down to enjoy it together and talk about the day. It was just like an after-school special.

One by one, we each tried the treat and our faces fell. You know that look where you really want to enjoy something — and you’re trying, but it’s just not good??? Well, imagine that times six and you know exactly what this scene looked like.

My girls are great at trying whatever I serve and thanking me for the effort even when it’s disgusting. They all loved this whole after-school special moment and were trying to not ruin it, but eventually we all busted out laughing. This heavenly-smelling bread had to be the most horrible thing we had eaten in awhile.

I was so bummed. My after-school special moment was ruined by a tricky treat that sounded perfect, smelled amazing, and tasted awful.

My very own Pinterest FAIL.

Cinnamon Roll Bread: smells like heaven, tastes like dirty socks


Have you had a Pinterest FAIL?

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