Can you fire a tooth fairy?

April 2, 2014 in Playroom by Melanie

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I think we need a new tooth fairy.

A tooth fairy’s job requirements are pretty straight forward. Child looses tooth. Child places tooth under pillow. Tooth fairy retrieves tooth while child sleeps and leaves a small gift under the pillow.

Simple, right?

Apparently it’s trickier than I think because my tooth fairy can’t seem to handle it. My kids wake up morning after morning and excitedly sneak their hands under their pillows in search of a fun prize, but every time they retrieve only an old tooth.

Every. Time.

Do you know if there are any unemployed tooth fairies looking for a little extra work? I’m pretty sure I need to find a replacement.


tooth-fairy silhouette

I don’t mean to brag, but I have become quite an expert on coming up with tooth fairy excuses.

“I think she’s just running a little late today, sweetie. Why don’t you try checking under your pillow again? Now please excuse me, I need to run upstairs a few minutes before you do.”

“The tooth fairy doesn’t have as much magic as Santa, so she can’t get to the all the kids in the world in one night.”

“When you lose your tooth so late in the day, the tooth fairy doesn’t have time to put it on her list, so she adds it to the next day’s list.”

My kids always buy it. Every time. So what’s the problem? Well, as the mom, it’s my job to keep things like tooth fairy magic alive. Is it too much to want my 11-year-old to keep believing?

The other day when I was spinning yet another impressive tale excusing our tooth fairy’s shortcomings, my sweet Babs joined in with a few extra embellishments.

“…the good thing about the tooth fairy being late…is she leaves extra money under your pillow! Right, Mom?”

What do you think? Is she on to me?

How is your tooth fairy working out for you?

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