Simple Spring Cleaning

March 5, 2014 in Linen Closet by Melanie

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Clutter stresses me out.

I’m actually pretty resistant to stress. I don’t get stressed out about much – heck, I thrive on having tons to do with crazy deadlines – but clutter makes me absolutely nuts!

Here’s the real problem… My house is sooooo full of clutter!

We moved 2 years ago and still have boxes that haven’t been unpacked hanging out in closets and corners. We have that *one room* that is the catch-all where everything gets dumped when we don’t know what to do with it. I have shelves that are empty but surrounded by the junk that should probably be arranged in them. My bedroom is full of random furniture, half-completed projects, and way too much stuff that doesn’t belong.

All the clutter in our house seems to add a lot of clutter in our heads, too. School work suffers. We miss appointments and forget about events. We’re quicker to snap at each other.

Basically, we’re a mess!

So it’s time to do something about it. Have you heard about 40 Bags in 40 Days? It’s a simple approach to spring cleaning, and I am absolutely in love!


The idea is simple. For 40 days, you focus on one area to clean out. In that one area, you declutter, simplify, and get rid of things you don’t need. Your goal is to fill a big bag with all the stuff you’re getting rid of – thus the name “40 Bags in 40 Days.”

This is exactly what I need, and I’m starting today. One area a day is definitely my speed. Honestly, some of my areas will take a lot more than a day to declutter and organize, but I should have no problem at all filling a bag {or box} every single day and finally dealing with the clutter.

I love that there is a huge group of people all doing this together and supporting each other – on facebook, instagram, and blogs. It’s a whole community! It’s always easier to do hard things when you have a whole support group behind you.

What about you? Do you need to decrapify your house? Your life? Heck, even your email inbox? Are you ready to get started?

I’m taking control of the clutter – starting today! Who’s with me???

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