Possibly losing my mind…

April 22, 2017 in Coffee Table

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and had a mini panic attack. I was laying in a hotel room an hour away from home with my husband next to me, and couldn’t figure out how my kids were getting to school. If neither of us were home and the only other driver in the family had to leave for school an hour before the rest of the kids, who was taking them to school???

I started beating myself up for being so forgetful, even as I couldn’t believe I would forget something like that! I started making a list of people I could call to pick up my kids on such short notice and so early in the morning. It was a very, very short list: exactly 3 people.

I had just dropped off one friend at the airport a few days earlier, so she was out of town and crossed off the list. My mother-in-law is not a morning person, and it was still dark outside with small numbers on the clock, so I didn’t want to call her if I could help it. And let’s be honest here… I’m tired of looking like a last-second emergency person in front of her.

I had just decided on an amazing friend whose kids actually go to the same school as mine – she would be at the gym this early, so I wasn’t waking her up. I was just about to call her when I finally realized it was Saturday – so I definitely would be waking her up – and my kids didn’t need a ride to school! Convinced I had completely lost my mind, I relaxed and tried to go back to sleep.

Does your brain play tricks on you like that? I feel like it happens to me all the time lately! I can’t even blame it on pregnancy brain!! Although I’m convinced what they don’t tell you when you’re birthing the placenta is that it’s really full of your brain cells and you should wave goodbye because you’ll NEVER get them back.

I feel like Toodles on Hook

But he eventually found his marbles, so maybe there’s still hope for me!

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