40 Family Home Evening Ideas

May 18, 2014 in Family Room

“Family Night is always fun. We find so many things to do.”

I remember singing those words with my family on Monday nights and thinking that song was hilarious. Family Night is ALWAYS fun? With 6 kids in the house, family night was always an adventure. Maybe that’s what the song should say.

Family night’s an adventure. We hope that we will make it through!

I have been working this year to improve our Family Home Evenings. We rotate the weekly assignments, which means every kid – even the 6-year-old – takes turns teaching the lesson. Usually they look at the chart on the way from the dinner table to the family room and say, “Oh, I have the lesson!” They whip out the closest Friend magazine they can find and read us a random story.

We’re working on putting a little more thought into our lessons. We all know it’s not easy to come up with lesson ideas week after week, and it’s even harder for a kid. So in an effort to help them prepare their lessons, I made this list of themes to choose from. It’s helpful for Mr. 4018 and me, too!

Since today is the 18th, it’s time to celebrate 4018 with 40 Things! So here is a list of 40 Family Home Evening lesson themes and resources.


40 Family Home Evening Lesson Themes and Resources

  1. Gospel Art Kit/Gospel Art Book
  2. Friend articles
  3. New Era articles
  4. Ensign articles
  5. General Conference Talks
  6. FHE manual
  7. Primary Manual
  8. Nursery Manual
  9. Gospel Principles
  10. True to the Faith
  11. Preach My Gospel
  12. For the Strength of Youth
  13. Seminary Scripture Mastery scriptures
  14. Personal Progress
  15. Duty to God
  16. Faith in God for Boys and Girls
  17. My Gospel Standards
  18. The Family: A Proclamation to the World
  19. Teaching, No Greater Call
  20. Young Women values
  21. Scout Law and Oath
  22. President Hinckley’s 10 Virtues
  23. Pres. Hinckley’s 9 “Be’s”
  24. Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching messages
  25. Scripture Stories
  26. Mormon Messages
  27. Primary Theme
  28. The Living Christ
  29. Come, Follow Me youth curriculum
  30. Priesthood/Relief Society manual
  31. Articles of Faith
  32. 10 Commandments
  33. Christlike Attributes
  34. The Savior’s Teachings/Parables/Life
  35. Prophets and Apostles
  36. Personal/Family Goals
  37. Personal/Family Challenge
  38. Holidays and Major Life Events
  39. Something you learned and want to share (life lesson, scripture study, church, seminary, etc.)
  40. Hymns/Primary Songs

Bonus: Question Box – Set aside a box where your family can leave questions. Then you can address those questions at Family Home Evening. They could be gospel related or just about life in general.

We have a bookshelf that has a few shelves dedicated to Family Home Evening resources: manuals, pictures, magazines, etc. so I printed this list, added it to a binder with some of these resources (family proclamation, Articles of Faith, list of seminary scripture mastery scriptures, YW values, Scout law and oath, My Gospel Standards, personal progress and Faith in God booklets, etc.). Now it’s easy to find and a great helpful resource for my family to use when they’re preparing a lesson.

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